Add on Services (additional charge)  - Teeth brushing, de-skunking, nail polish, fur dye, & fur accessories.

Luxurious Tearless facial - Oatmeal enriched soap free cleanser that gently exfoliates and helps break up dirt and tear stains.

Shed-less Treatment - Shampoo and

conditioner soak that draws out the undercoat , please note that while  shedding will be greatly reduced, it will not stop the natural shedding process and is not a one time cure for shedding.

Grooming Services

Full Service Grooming Salon

At  Wish Upon a Paw your pet will receive a grooming/bath  service customized for their individual needs. Your pet will be bathed in a shampoo and conditioner selected specifically for their skin and coat. All of our products have been carefully selected  and are always natural and soap free. 

At Wish Upon a Paw our  grooming and bath services include a luxurious tearless facial, ear cleaning, anal gland check,  nails trimmed and buffed, brush out and de-shedding treatment (if necessary).

Specific prices for bathing and grooming services are determined through consultation and vary depending on breed, size, coat condition, and cooperation in grooming. Please call us , we will be happy to discuss prices for bathing, grooming and any other spa services.  

Details about our services

The health and safety of each of our guests is of great importance to us. We require proof of current rabies vaccine. If  your pet requires updated vaccinations please be sure to make arrangements with your vet to have administered no less than 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Required Documents

Pet Trims -  Please discuss with your groomer the type of style and length you desire. We provide visual  guides to help you pick the style and length that best suites you and your dogs needs. In addition your groomer will make a professional recommendation based on the condition of the coat.